Applications for Insurance

Applications for Daily Event or Practice Coverage

For any single or multi-concurrent day event / practices at an already approved location, the short application must be filled out. If this is an AMA approved event, please skip down to the sanctioned event application.

File Name: Event-Short-Application.pdf
File Size: 285 kb
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Applications for New Location Daily Event or Practice Coverage

If you have not obtained coverage for insurance from National Motorsports within the last 365 days, please complete the following applications.

If you are planning on having sanctioned events, please fill out the sanctioning body event application below.

File Name: Event-Long-Application.pdf
File Size: 876 kb
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If you're planning on having any sanctioning body approved events at your location and you intend to have National Motorsports insure these events, please fill out this application.

Application for Park / Facility Coverage

Are you looking for annual practice, park or facility coverage? Download and complete the following applications.

File Name: Facility-Application.pdf
File Size: 1.1 mb
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Application Club Coverage

If your club is looking for annual liability coverage, please fill out the following application.

File Name: General-Application---Club-School.pdf
File Size: 1.3 mb
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